Top 7 HRMS of Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, HR Management Systems are all about interacting with individuals. You must be familiar with managing employees whether you have ever operated a company or worked in one. The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is concerned with the needs of a company’s or organization’s people or employee functions. Today’s technology has enabled software solutions that support HRMS in performing a variety of tasks.HR Management Software offers components such as payroll processing, recruiting, attendance management, leave authorization, workforce management, and process improvement. In Bangladesh, HR management systems operate in tandem with HR management applications. Let’s take a look at some of Bangladesh’s best HR management systems. For the HR operation, all of the software solutions have different features.

1. Oracle HRMS

A cloud-based HRMS solution for the organization:

  • Cloud portal delivers employees mobility
  • Efficient Application that cuts HR processing time by 50%
  • Meets corporate and regional needs

Oracle is a cloud-based software that maintains the HR functions of a business.

Its primary features comprise HR, self-service HR, payroll, performance management, benefits and learning management, iRecruitment, and Human Resource Management System Intelligence.

Secondary features include employee progress and performance information management, salary trends, and budget reports.

Oracle is a topnotch software that is cost-effective and comes with low maintenance costs. It’s available with free quarterly upgrades. It is the best product in terms of value for money.

2. Lines Pay

Complete Modern Payroll Management System:

  • Collects employee data in one central place
  • The software can run on any platform
  • Manages complete HRM functions with one unique system

Lines Pay is one of the top HR and Payroll software services in Bangladesh for small, standard, and enterprise businesses.

Its fundamental features include recruitment & selection, employee management, payroll management; leave management, training, and development, provident fund management & performance appraisal.

Lines Pay is an easy, stress-free, and perfect way out to human cost management.


TForce HRMS is a fully integrated overall organization solution. The modules included in the solution will cater to your needs in managing organization’s workforce – automating tasks and streamlining processes. We are offering our clients all of the following solutions.

Smart & the best HR and Payroll management system in Bangladesh. Some notable highlights are:

  • Portable workforce management via the cloud
  • More than 32 features are avaiable
  • Customizable to employee needs
  • Versions available on the laptop, and PC

TForce HRMS is one of the best HR and Payroll management software services based on a cloud solution.

It can also auto-generate documents such as confirmation letters, appointment letters, promotion letters, and increment letters.

Other features include monthly salary processing and leave confirmation management. Besides, the software uses email and pop-up notifications to alert users about pending tasks.

TForce HRMS is an outstanding product that comes with the convenience of administration-based central control without the help of a software manufacturing company.

5. Peoples HR

A basic application with the automation system.

  • Offers exceptional mobile app features
  • Assists in each stage of management lifecycle
  • Suitable for any kind of organizational needs

Smart HRMS is a powerful HR & Payroll Software web-based software with full automation catering to multiple HR needs.

Its main features include multiple functions of storing employee information, managing daily attendance, managing employee shifts, leave management, tracking allowance and deductions, managing HR loans, and salary.

It can also manage training, income tax, provident fund, etc. Withdrawals, loan, and deposit, statement checking information can be managed by this module.

Smart HRMS is best recommended for Corporates, Factories, and the Garments industry.

6. Roopokar

HR software providing productivity and engagement:

  • Use of Bangla language in the software providing comfort to Bangladeshi users
  • Ownership cost is lower
  • Lowest IT requirements
  • Both online and offline working capacity

Roopokar is another good featured HR & Payroll Software in Bangladesh.

Its core services include managing employee portal, handling office schedule, and leaves, corporate scorebook, report charts, security, etc.

Roopokar offers a quicker return on investment, and usually, Roopokar HR software follows a pay-as-you-go model. You can try it out to minimize your costs.

7. Scaled HRM

A one-stop business solution for HR operations

  • A rich solution comprising of 10 modules to manage HR tasks
  • Minimizes Administrative and Operational Costs
  • Ideal for organizations between 60-100,000+ employees

SCALED is an HR Software in Bangladesh that works on a uniform module setup.

Its core modules include:

Mandatory Module: Employee Information & Administration/Security

Activity Tracking Module: Leave and Attendance

Payroll Modules: Payroll, Loan, Income Tax and Provident Fund

Growth and Benchmark Module: Appraisal and Training

In conclusion, If you are an HR personnel and looking for HR Management Softwares for your business, you can definitely follow these recommendations. At present, these are the top 10 best HR management systems in Bangladesh that you can consider as your reliable partner.



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