Core HR

Core HR is the heart of a HRMS, It is an umbrella term that has the basic functions of an HR department; the basic data captured about employees; and the software used to manage basic HR processes. Such as ,awards section, where all the company employees awards list will be shown, Transfers section will all the inter departmental transfer will be shown, Resignations section will keep the track of all the employees who left the organization, Travel section will keep track of all the company travel detail, Promotions will show all the details of promoted employees, Complains will show all the employees who got any mail for their behaviour or actions, if any employee not changing their behaviour/actions then he/she will get a Warning, this information will be maintained in the warning section, termination section will keep track of all the terminated employees, during the exit period of an employee there are few steps that needs to be maintained by the HR this process will be easily managed by Employee exit section, Employee last login section will keep the track of employee’s HRMS login data.


  • Award

  • Resignations

  • Travel

  • Promotions

  • Complains

  • Warnings

  • Termination

  • Employee exit

  • Employee last login